Old Portland Hardware


Melinda Claire has loved historic architecture since her first childhood visits to a Victorian estate. Over the years she planned hard and purchased her first condo after graduating from college. Working to leverage her investments and putting in a lot of sweat equity led her to make another purchase and another.

By then friends and family were asking for advice and help finding their own homes and investment properties. Throughout all of this Melinda enjoyed a career in public relations as the PR manager at Visit Corvallis.   After making a move to Portland she followed her passion and transitioned into working with historic architecture.

She began at Rejuvenation followed by Olson & Jones, then these last four years  at Old Portland Hardware where she enjoyed researching, restoring and promoting amazing antique salvage architectural finds (like the doorknobs above!). After a few years of working, while managing rentals and helping friends with their real estate needs, Melinda finally made the transition to become a licensed real estate broker. In her spare time she still enjoys restoring antiques, working on her home and, when time allows, traveling. She recently visited China and is looking forward to her next destination, but her heart and her home are in the Rose City Neighborhood.

Keep in touch with her projects and the Portland real estate scene via facebook here and instagram here!